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Dance Classes

The Studio offers dance classes in ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, and lyrical.

Q: I'm familiar with the first few, but what are lyrical and contemporary?

A: A beautiful blend of ballet, modern, and jazz techniques, lyrical is commonly set to contemporary music with vocals or just instrumental bars. One goal of lyrical dance is to use gesture, expression, and controlled movements in order to execute movements and portray emotions. Besides emotional connection to music, lyrical dance typically encourages use of articulation, line, weight, and other movement qualities.

Contemporary dance draws on modern and postmodern dance, classical ballet, and other dance techniques. It can express a free type of movement and the choreography is more diverse than other specific genres. This class focuses on technique and improvisation with a focus on expression, posture, flexibility, and dance presentation. Still puzzled? Check out the videos posted on our Facebook page.


Open-level Classes: All levels welcome

All classes are open level unless otherwise specified. Open-level classes pay particular attention to the variety of ability levels of dancers present in that particular class. Modifications are suggested to make movements and combinations either easier or more challenging for each student. Instructors demonstrate and explain terminology when needed, focusing on students’ alignment and comprehension throughout class.

Beginner Classes

Taught at a relaxed pace with a focus on learning or re-learning the basics, beginner classes prepare students for all other Studio classes. Ideal for students new to dance or that dance style, or for students returning to dance after an extended absence, our beginner classes provide students with a firm foundation in proper alignment, technique, and basic vocabulary.

Elementary Classes

Students in elementary classes typically have a basic familiarity with all standard vocabulary and  exercises, either from other Studio classes, or from prior dance experience. Movement sequences and combinations vary from class to class. Center exercises include elements from the warm-up, as well as stationary and locomotor movements, balances, turns, and small and large jumps. A short piece of choreography that incorporates elements from the warm-up and center work may conclude the class.

Intermediate Classes

Students are expected to be familiar with standard warm-up exercises, coordination exercises, turns, jumps, and various balances. Center exercises and choreography combine stationary and locomotor movements, balances, turns, small and large jumps, with a focus on building strength, agility, and coordination.

Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Private classes are one-on-one lessons that progress at your own pace and focus on your specific needs.

Semi-private classes are generally three to ten students who prefer the individualized attention of a small class, or groups of friends or family members who want to take class as a private event. (These are especially popular for birthday celebrations or bridal/bachelorette festivities.)

The class format is flexible: we can arrange half-hour intensives, as well as one- or two-hour workshop-style classes that focus on particular aspects of dance, such as turns, jumps, stretches, coordination, or choreography. We can tailor the class to fit your needs and expectations.


We often offer special workshops that provide opportunities to learn a new dance style or to explore a dance technique in greater depth. Past workshops have included styles as diverse as burlesque, step, Tribal Fusion pops-and-locks bellydance, lyrical hiphop, and Bollywood. Please note that our 5- and 10-class cards are not applicable to workshops.

We are always adding new classes and workshops to our schedule.  Check out our online calendar for the latest updates on our offerings.

For half-hour, one-and-a-half-hour, and two-hour intensives and workshop-style lessons, the hourly rate will be pro-rated accordingly.