“I've been going to ballet classes at the Studio for about two months now, and I really enjoy it. Sue gives a lot of options and variations for each exercise, which is a great. I'm pretty much a beginner, and I feel challenged without being pressured to do everything perfect, and other students who are more advanced are able to progress by doing harder variations or wearing pointe shoes. I appreciate that Sue encourages a healthy level of silliness and non-judgment - if you look like an idiot leaping across the floor, it totally doesn't matter, and there's even a box of plastic tiaras you can wear, which is pretty funny.  Also, the studio itself and the lobby are very bright and happy, and Sue and the receptionist are super friendly and welcoming. Overall, this is just an awesome place to get some exercise while learning about a classic artform, and you should definitely come here.”

  1. -Laura C.

“I've taken ballet for as long as I can remember but when I moved to Boston a few years ago, I was disappointed in the lack of adult ballet classes. Then I saw that this studio was opening. LOVE it! I've only taken ballet with Sue, but she is a great teacher who encourages you to challenge yourself but also understands when you're having a bad day and need to take it easy. The best part is that there aren't any super skinny, super flexible, 14 year old girls running around making you feel so out of shape. Coming here makes me actually want to go to class and get a work out in. If there's ever a class you want to take or you have a suggestion on times, just let Sue know and she'll do what she can to accomodate it. I only wish I could go more often!”

  1. -Kelly M.

“This studio is designed with the adult student in mind. Whether you're an absolute beginner or an advanced student, the teachers adapt the classes accordingly. I've taken classes with Sue (the owner), Monique, and Katie, all of whom were knowledgeable, fun, and energetic. This is a great place and I have loved every class.”

  1. -Joanna O.

“At other studios, I've taken classes surrounded by 16 year olds; I've taken “beginner/intermediate” classes which have turned out to be where the pros go when they're rehabbing from injuries and want to show off- I don't like feeling like the oldest, largest, clumsiest dancer in the space! I really appreciate Sue's approach at the Studio: non-competitive, unpretentious, just focussed on dancing for dancing's sake. We can work hard and take technique seriously- we can also wear tiaras and feathers if we feel like it. I think Sue's doing a great job of trying to adapt the schedule to students' preferences in terms of when and which kind of classes she offers. I recommend The Studio!”

  1. -Carol-Ann F.

“I loved the lyrical class and it seems that all the teachers/classes are geared to the beginner and/or advanced dancer!!  I hadn't danced in years and was rusty, but felt so comfortable by the teacher, Monique, and the other students.  This is the dance studio to be dancing at!”

- Jennifer S.


Here is what some of our wonderful students have to say about us.  Visit us on Yelp for more reviews.

“The Beginner Ballet class is an excellent re-introduction to dance.  I love that the class is led in a steady, focused manner while maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere. Sue pays careful attention to our technique and immediately provides further explanation where necessary.  Overall, I look forward to taking more classes!”

  1. -Lara O.

“The Studio is a great dance center for adults. Whether you have been dancing for years or just trying something new, the studio provides a fun, easy going environment. I haven't danced in a few years and the studio has helped to ease me back into the routine. So, if you're looking for individualized instruction and creative choreography, this is the place to go!”

  1. -Nadine H.

“The classes at The Studio are fun, dynamic and energizing. I always leave class with a bounce in my step and that optimistic feeling I had when I used to take dance classes as a child and as a college student.  I have taken Modern and Ballet classes with Sue Kunicka and she is a very knowledgeable instructor.”

  1. -Ariel F.

“I love the atmosphere. Sue, the owner of the school and instructor of most classes, is really down to earth and an excellent teacher.  This is an adult only school.  Sue is welcoming and understanding whether you are a professional, a new dancer or returning after years away from it.”

  1. -Karen B.

“I've taken ballet classes at a number of studios in the Boston area, and I think Sue is among the very best teachers.  She takes dance and adult dancers seriously, but doesn't take herself too seriously.  As a result, her classes are well-structured, comfortable, and fun.  Her real skill, though, is being able to tailor classes to the needs, experience level, and wants of the students in each class; the classes are therefore as challenging as one wants it to be. I'm so glad I found this place and really recommend it for anyone wanting to start or get back into dance as an adult!”

  1. -Amanda T.

“The space is beautiful. The studio is very clean. I like the staff a lot. The teacher for open ballet is friendly and manages to do a challenging but not too challenging class. They're very open to suggestions and are genuinely interested in their students, like what they're looking for class-wise. I like that they are technique focused, vs. performance focused. While I am interested in dance performance for myself (not in ballet), I appreciate that they'd rather have students understand good dance technique than throw them on a stage.”

  1. -Alexis K.

“I really love coming here for classes.  I've danced in the past, but took a break for way too long and I feel really comfortable in these classes.   Also, the dress code is very lax, which is nice for adult students.  The prices are what you will pay anywhere else in the city for classes, but the personal attention you get is unique.  If you have ever had any interest in dance you should give this place a try.”

  1. -Cassandra. R.

“I have no dance experience whatsoever but I always dreamed of being a ballerina. I love this place! Sue explains everything in detail which is perfect for me but I notice my classmates with dance experience enjoy themselves as well!”

  1. -Liz R.

The Studio DCFA, 82 Boylston Street, Brookline, MA 02445. Email studiodcfa@gmail.com.